Intuit introduces ProLine as new SaaS tax software product

Intuit Inc. has announced its new ProLine Tax Online Edition, a program for tax professionals that is free for a limited time. ProLine Tax Online is an innovative, Software-as-a-Service tax solution designed to help professionals quickly and easily prepare and file federal and state tax returns.

The company announced the free program at the 29th Annual Midwest Accounting & Finance Showcase in suburban Chicago.
Effective immediately, tax professionals can register online to use the product when it is scheduled for release in early September. During the free trial period, tax professionals can experience how easy and fast it is to file federal and California and Arizona tax forms with ProLine Tax Online. Subsequent versions will include additional federal forms, expanded states, and other features that reinvent the way accounting professionals prepare and file taxes.
“Tax professionals are increasingly turning to online, Software-as-a-Service products for secure, affordable Web-based solutions that are available anytime, anywhere,” said Jill Ward, senior vice president and general manager of the Intuit Accounting Professionals Division. “This new, professional tax solution adds to the growing number of SaaS-based products and services Intuit offers across many of our businesses.”
How ProLine Tax Online Edition Works
ProLine Tax Online features a single-screen data entry process that streamlines the workflow with the goal of making it easier and faster to prepare and file tax returns. With its simple, visual three-step process – input, review and file – and its extensive diagnostics to uncover mistakes or omissions, ProLine Tax Online allows accountants to complete and file returns with confidence.
ProLine Tax Online requires only a computer and an Internet connection for access anytime, anywhere. There are no upfront licensing fees, software add-on requirements, or downloads. Developed by Intuit, which processes more than 35 percent of the e-filed returns in the United States, ProLine Tax Online uses the latest encryption standards and is protected by firewall-protected Web servers and password-protected Web sites.
Pricing and Availability
ProLine Tax Online is scheduled to be available for free to all tax professionals from its scheduled release in early September through early November. Tax professionals can sign up in advance  to receive an alert when the program officially releases. When the program releases in September, the 1040 and California and Arizona individual income tax software will be available, according to Jorge Olavarrieta, Group Product Manager for Intuit. The program for the 2009 tax year will launch in November with the 1040 and, "we're hoping for all states," said Olavarrieta, however he indicated the company is not formally committing to launch with all states at this time. Conversion capability will also be available with the November release for tax information coming from other tax programs. "Selected vendors" will be included in the conversion software, however Olavarrieta did not comment on which vendors' products would be covered in the conversion software.
No exact price information has been announced for the November release, but Olavarrieta indicated that the pricing model would be transactional rather a flat fee to purchase unlimited use of the product. He also suggested that an affiliate program would probably be available for businesses that offer links to ProLine on their Web sites.

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