Clairvoyance! Convince Your Clients You Can Read Minds!

Join Eva Rosenberg, affectionately known as the Tax Mama, in a back-by-popular-demand appearance in the AccountingWEB workshop room, Tuesday, November 7, from 4:00 to 5:00 Eastern time.

Ms. Rosenberg will discuss tips for figuring out what your clients are thinking - or at least convincing them that's what you've done! Specific points to be covered will include:

  • How to convince your client you can read minds
  • Tips and tricks to read a client's life from their tax returns
  • Organizers - catch all the things they left off...that
    even they forgot about
  • Don't miss what is sure to be a lively afternoon at AccountingWEB! Click this link to enter our workshop room and join members of the accounting profession in a live session with The Tax Mama!

    Workshop sponsored by Arthur Andersen:

    Arthur Andersen

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