ADP Announces “Do-It-Yourself” Payroll for Microsoft’s SBA Software

ADP Small Business Services, part of the Employer Services division, last week announced the general availability of ADP Payroll for Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006. This new ADP software solution allows users to process payroll in four clicks, yet is capable of calculating federal, state and local taxes.

“After activating ADP Payroll for Microsoft Office SBA, I was successfully prompted through the steps without any instructions. Now, all I have to do is log onto the web site and enter each month’s numbers. I love it,” says Shirley Higgenbottom, owner of Classic Quilts Studio. “Processing payroll for two businesses – Classic Quilts Studio, and Classic Motors, my husband’s business – could easily be a challenge. With ADP Payroll, this monthly task becomes a fast, standard process. As a licensed accountant, I can learn to process payroll, but my time is worth a whole lot of more when I’m running my business.”

ADP Payroll enables users to seamlessly transfer employee and timesheet data into the payroll application and payroll and tax information to the general ledger. The solution can be activated from Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting without additional software installation. It automatically calculates net pay for each employee, and all of the federal, state and local taxes, providing full control over payroll and tax filing.

“The introduction of ADP Payroll represents ADP’s commitment to serving the small business community with a broad range of solutions that meet the individual needs of each client,” said Regina Lee, President of ADP Small Business Services. “By leveraging the strength of ADP’s payroll expertise and Microsoft’s experience in the software market, ADP Payroll offers users a comprehensive, low cost solution to manage the administrative aspects of their business, so that more of their time can be dedicated to what matters most – running their business.”

ADP Payroll offers the following features:

  • Company and employee wizard providing for simple set-up and use.
  • Real-time payroll processing and tax calculatons, including tax reminders for filing deadlines.
  • Simple, easy-to-read reports.
  • Automatic updates of federal state and local tax tables. Smart Tax forms are pre-filled and signature-ready.
  • Immediate, on-site check printing and tax forms.
  • Free self-service direct deposit for employees.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 including pre-filling timesheet data on payroll worksheets, seamless exporting of payroll journal entries into SBA and automatically synchronizing employee changes between SBA and payroll.

“ADP Payroll for Microsoft Office SBA takes financial management to the next level,” said Rajat Taneja, General Manager, Small Business Applications and Online Services, Microsoft Corporation. “Not only do small businesses have access to payroll best practices from an industry leader, but the seamless integration of accounting and payroll functionality is a benefit that will prove instrumental in enabling customers to more easily and efficiently manage their business-critical information.”

ADP Payroll, currently available within Microsoft SBA, will be offered at more than 5,000 retail stores across the U.S. The cost of ADP Payroll is $169 a year. ADP Total Payroll, a full-service payroll processing solution is also available.

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