Survey Says Executives Want Mixed Training Methods

A large majority of corporate executives prefer what is now called "blended learning," training delivered by a combination of methods, according to a survey by Provant Vertical Market Solutions. Given a choice, 59% percent of executives would rather have training provided both by people as well as via the Internet. Only 36% want their training to be done solely by instructors, and 5% want it only on-line.

Moreover, a surprising 88% of the nearly 200 executives polled said they "feel comfortable" with new training technologies and find many of the capabilities appealing, said Provant VMS President Herb Cohen. "The initial uneasiness with on-line learning has all but disappeared. By large margins, those receiving training like that they can learn interactively and not be bored, or skip subject areas they’re competent in, or train on their own, at their own pace."

Regardless of how they had received training to date, said Cohen, a large majority of executives credit it for their success. "More than two-thirds said corporate training was key to their career advancement, while only 21% disagreed, and 11% weren’t sure."

Among the study’s other findings:

  • 86% of executives generally value the training they receive and 63% say they go to training because they want to. Only 11% do so because they have to.

  • 73% believe training is particularly necessary after a promotion.

  • 59% would like to use the new learning technologies in a team setting, such as in a computer simulation.

  • 69% believe companies usually fail to train those who need it most.

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