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Ground-breaking On-line Payroll Solution to Reduce Time and Money Spent on Payroll by 50 percent.

Marketplace Demand:
In a survey conducted by DraftWorldwide, nearly 25 percent of the small business owners surveyed are not happy with their current payroll system.

According to an ICR study, 40 percent of 11 million small business owners are fined an average $845 by the IRS for inaccurate or late payroll filing—which translates into more than $3 billion dollars annually.

About the Product &
"This service is a huge improvement over the other payroll company.'s service improves accuracy, cuts time and paperwork, and is less of a headache. Payroll now seems to take care of itself — allowing us to focus on serving our customers." – Dan Cooper, President, DLConsulting, Inc. is a simple and economical way for businesses and their employees to process and distribute payroll from anywhere, anytime, via a completely secure and reliable Internet site. Employers update and approve payroll data via the web site. then calculates, deducts, pays and files taxes and transmits payments electronically. Employees receive an e-mail notification when they have been paid, and can view their pay stubs on a secure web site, or the company may print real paychecks for employees from any printer.

"Eleven million small businesses in the U.S. have been waiting for a service like this, not to mention employees. We are not taking the current payroll method and slapping an Internet face on it like other payroll companies. We have found a way to 'webify' it from beginning to end – adding a new level of convenience and accessibility unavailable until now, as well as improve accuracy and reduce cost by almost 50 percent of what it takes to do payroll today." – Scott Wald, Founder and CEO of offers an Internet-based payroll service that automates the entire payroll process, completely eliminating the traditional processing steps that conventional payroll services providers use. With, payroll is completed in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

See for yourself how small business owners can save time, save money and maintain control of their payroll processing by enrolling in's easy-to-use payroll system at

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