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Speling, Spellng, Spelling! Third Time's a Charm!

Spelling may sound basic, but to the end user, it's critical. Misspelled words in proposals, resumes and correspondence present your message in a negative light and can cause misunderstanding in your communication. One strike, you're out is sometimes the effect of misspelled words. Take a refresher course to help you present yourself in a positive way.

If you struggle with spelling, consider these helpful tips.

  • When in doubt, consult a spelling dictionary, a thesaurus, or a style guide.
  • Pronounce words slowly to make sure you are not missing any syllables.
  • Use your spell-check software. (Be careful with this, computers can't read your mind.)
  • Study common spelling rules.
  • Study lists of commonly misspelled words, and practice those you struggle with in your daily writing.
  • Have a co-worker or friend proof your work.
  • Pay more attention to words that have five or more letters.
  • Watch for words that are always spelled as one word: cannot, nobody, somebody, somewhat, whenever, and worthwhile.
  • Watch for words that are always spelled as two words: in spite, a lot, all right (alright with one "l" is acceptable as one word).
  • As you read, study correctly spelled words.

You can identify five words related to your company, profession, or industry that you just can't seem to spell correctly. Write them down on a sticky note or index card. Post them near your computer or on your desk. Every time you glance at those words, repeat the spelling of one or two of them in your mind. I-N-C-O-N-V-E-N-I-E-N-C-E (I have trouble with this one)-Inconvenience.

"Upgrading your communications skills is the surest way to open the door to a job or jumpstart a stalled career." -Harvey B. Mackay, author.

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