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Accounting music video launches in time for holiday

"If I Were an Auditor," a song parody of "If I Were a Carpenter," is the first ever music video about accounting performed and filmed in the virtual world of Second Life. Conceived by Edith Orenstein, author of the Financial Executives International (FEI) blog, and performed by Orenstein and Steven Zelin, aka "The Singing CPA," the video features a cast of accounting and financial bloggers, some of whom blog regularly on AccountingWEB. 

A romantic story, scheduled to coincide with the Valentine's Day celebration, the video, "If I Were an Auditor," tells the story of two accountants who fall in love and decide to get married, but who have reservations about the intentions of their partners.
If I were an auditor, and you were a lady
Would you marry me anyway? Would you hold or trade me?
If an auditor were my trade, would you still find me?
Or would you always second guess me, like everybody following behind me?
Save our love through loneliness,
Save our love through sorrow,
Would you give me sale treatment,
Or tell me I was borrowed?
If I worked for an audit firm, would you still love me?
Answer me babe, 'Yes I would," you wouldn't put the lawyers above me
If I worked a million hours, in audit, tax, or advising
Would our love grow every day, or only be amortizing?
So I can document today, you mean what you say, in the story you tell.
I need evidence today, to rely on what you say, before wedding bells.
Speak a little louder into my lapel.
If I were an auditor, and you were a lady
Would you marry me anyway? Would you hold or trade me?
Would you marry a CPA? You can count on me, baby.
Orenstein sings the female part in the music video. "I am completely amateur, but I have always enjoyed singing and I've played the guitar since I was 10 years old. I wrote three songs (original songs) in high school, it seems like I get inspired to write songs about every 17 years or so. More recently though my songwriting has been limited to ideas for song parodies about accounting." 
"A couple of year ago, I just got inspired by thinking of how some songs I heard would make good song parodies about accounting.." Orenstein explained. "The song, 'If I were a Carpenter,' was always a favorite of mine, I remember singing it with friends in college, even recording our jam session with our favorite songs. At some point in 2008, I heard the song again, and started listening to the Bobby Darin version on YouTube, and the Alison Krauss-Dwight Yoakum duet version of the song on YouTube, and basically, when I heard the line 'If I Were a Carpenter,' it somehow translated in my mind into 'If I Were an Auditor.' Similarly, when I heard the line in the chorus, 'I've given you my onliness, will you give me your tomorrow,' I heard it in my mind as 'I wanted to get sale treatment, but you told me I was borrowed.'
"The song is meant to be in good fun, something interesting, and also to provide some visibility perhaps to the FEI blog, and everyone involved with the production team, from MACPA, to the Singing CPA, to the bloggers in the cast, to perhaps cross-expose our audiences to each other, and bring in some new viewers as well, to learn about what our blogs and organizations have to offer, in addition to the 'entertainment' value of the video." said Orenstein.
Zelin is a former PricewaterhouseCoopers accountant who quit his full time job to pursue his musical career. While maintaining a small private practice, Zelin performs about 50 shows a year. In addition to performing at accounting conferences, business meetings, and holiday parties for audiences of  accountants and other business people, Zelin conducts educational programs involving music for children at libraries and schools in New York City.
"I write funny songs about accounting and taxes, " Zelin said, but added that this is his first group video project. "I was really happy that Tom Hood and his team at the MACPA held my hand and made me look cool and hip with Second Life; it was definitely a new thing for me."
The Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) produced the music video. MACPA is the creator of CPA Island in Second Life, a virtual meeting place for accountants and accounting educators. MACPA's president, Tom Hood, is the engine behind CPA Island and is a frontrunner in exploring and using new technologies.
"It was just another example of the power of social media and virtual worlds to build and strengthen real relationships," said Hood. "I met several new people and re-connected with many friends, almost all of whom have come from social media introductions. I am extremely proud of MACPA’s Second Life team and how they took on this project and worked to make it happen – from set design to avatar orientation to film and video production and even starring roles. It was chance to do something really fun amidst all of the angst over the economy, a bright spot, if you will."
The characters in the music video were played by:
Link to the music video: "If I Were an Auditor."

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