To Retain, You Must Train

In America today, employees are a hot commodity. To retain these professionals, training may be the cornerstone of an effective strategy. Employees who are trained and groomed for success within a company, tend to stick around it seems.

Training in the workplace is much different today than it was. It’s no longer about giving employees skills they can use around the office, it’s about helping employees grow professionally. Training involves everything from job-related skills training to cutting-edge management training. Companies are training their team to be better people, not just better employees.

According to one recruiting and staffing expert, this type of training “thinking” is very successful. And with the addition of computer-based training, it is now possible to design a program for an employee’s individual needs.

Of coure, there’s always the danger that a company would train an employee to simply leave for a better job somewhere else, but the benefits of a workforce that felt it had something to gain by staying outweighs that danger. Now, there’s a huge surge in what was coined "life management skills" training. Training is viewed as something valuable, like vacation time, a flex work schedule or company paid childcare.

Recruits are very likely to ask what training is available at your firm. What is your answer?

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