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Resource Guide - Issue 189

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  1. Small Businesses Get New Tool to Assess Risk of Fraud
  2. Lawmakers Take Up Tough ID Theft Bill
  3. National Pay Equity Day
  4. Companies Aim to Help Small Businesses Meet SOX Rules
  5. XBRL-US Launches Online Resource Center

  1. Survey: Future Retirees are Confident, but Shouldn't Be
  2. Tax Deadline: File Even if You Can't Pay
  3. What Can German Cost Accounting Do for US Firms?

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  1. Small Businesses Get New Tool to Assess Risk of Fraud

Business owners with limited money to hire anti-fraud professionals now can see for themselves whether their company is vulnerable to insider fraud.

  1. Lawmakers Take Up Tough ID Theft Bill

A series of high-profile security breaches has prompted lawmakers to consider requiring companies to notify consumers if their personal information has been lost, stolen or otherwise released.

  1. National Pay Equity Day

April 18, 2005 is National Pay Equity Day. Each year the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) organizes one day dedicated to raising awareness about issues of unfair pay among women and people of color. Pay Equity Day is observed in April because that is how long into the current year a woman must work to earn the same as a man earned the previous year. A Tuesday was selected because that is the day when women's wages catch up with men's wages from the previous week.

  1. Companies Aim to Help Small Businesses Meet SOX Rules

Two technology companies have announced a partnership to help owners of small and medium-sized businesses meet the internal control requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

  1. XBRL-US Launches Online Resource Center

The Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) voluntary filing program encouraging companies to submit XBRL enabled documents to the EDGAR database, received a little help Monday. The American members of XBRL International announced the availability of resources supporting the effort on the U.S. jurisdiction's website at Among the resources being made available are FAQs, tutorials, an email discussion group and guidelines. The site also includes links to US GAAP taxonomies, sample XBRL instance documents, and technical background information.


Creating Value: Your 90 Day Plan To Right Tracking Your Career, by Joey Havens, Joseph S. Paul

Creating Value can assist you in recognizing that you, as a professional, are running your own personal company and that this company's success (your success) will be determined by the amount of time and resources that you invest. By investing a couple of hours in your personal company and learning about the 13 principles of Creating Value , you will dramatically increase your effectiveness, your self-confidence, and your satisfaction. Self-check tools are included with each chapter to help you make an assessment and develop a 90-day action plan. Ironically, in today's knowledge and service-oriented economy, the more you think of yourself as self-employed and running your own company, the better you serve your employer and your customers. This creates the ultimate Win/Win!
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  1. Survey: Future Retirees are Confident, but Shouldn't Be

  1. Tax Deadline: File Even if You Can't Pay

  1. What Can German Cost Accounting Do for US Firms?


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Firm News

  1. Fewer Customer But Greater Revenue for H&R Block in March
  2. Firm Alliance Creates Memphis' Largest CPA Resource
  3. Accounting Educators Gather at S.C. State
  4. Accounting Professor Named Dean of Business School

Lite News

  1. Accounting on the Big Screen
  2. Accounting Major Auctions Job Interview on Ebay
  3. Weird Tax Laws Cover Blueberries, Soda Fountain Drinks, Even Illegal Drugs
  4. Poll: Public Divided on Regulating Appearance in the Office


  1. IRS Targets Small Business
  2. Tax Wars: Small Firms v. Large National Chains
  3. CFOs: It Can Take a Month to Hire New Accountants


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