Three simple steps for upgrading to the newest QuickBooks

By Carol Barleycorn, customer care technical specialist at Intuit

Upgrading to the newest QuickBooks is as simple as 1-2-3. [See Note, below.]

1. Verify your file in the current version of QuickBooks.

A recommended form of file maintenance is to run the Verify utility on your data file in the current version of QuickBooks. This will streamline the conversion process later by making sure data problems are identified and corrected now. Complete a rebuild if asked. Run the Verify again AND if there are no errors proceed with the upgrade. You can now have confidence that your company file is in great shape.

2. Install the new Product.

Intuit has worked to improve the installation experience for our customers. Pop in your disk or double click on your download link and Install your new version of QuickBooks. Update your QuickBooks Program to the latest release before starting the conversion process.

3. Convert you data file to the newer QuickBooks.

Over a Network: If you are installing on a network go to the server and check that the QuickBooksDB 19 Service is set to Automatic. Open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and scan the folder where the company file is located.

See our instructions on this topic here.

Now launch QuickBooks, locate you company file, and log-in as the QuickBooks Admin, then let QuickBooks convert your file to the newer version.


These instructions cover Windows desktop versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. The instructions are appropriate for business owners who are maintaining their own company file. Accountants, bookkeepers and other accounting professionals, who may be supporting multiple clients on multiple versions of QuickBooks, may choose a different approach that maintains the previous version of QuickBooks software in its own directory.

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