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Intuit challenge offers $1,000 for QuickBooks users

Intuit, the maker of financial software products including QuickBooks and Quicken, has launched the Client Data Review Challenge, a sweepstakes that gives QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2009 and 2010 users the chance to win $1,000 simply by using Client Data Review. 

How to get started:
  • Any accounting professional using QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2009 or 2010 can go to, follow the directions to download a mock client file, and use Client Data Review to see how easy it is to clean up client files.
  • For those not using QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2009 or 2010, a 30-day free trial of QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2010 can be downloaded prior to taking the Client Data Review Challenge.
  • Once the test of Client Data Review is complete, fill out the entry form and upload the clean file. If a friend or colleague referred you to the sweepstakes, enter their name, too, to give them the chance to also win $1,000.
  • The Client Data Review Challenge starts today, January 4 and concludes on February 12, 2010. Two winning entry forms will be drawn at random on February 15 and another two on February 29, 2010.
About Client Data Review:
Client Data Review was first introduced in QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2009 as a tool to help accounting professionals save up to four hours per client file clean-up. Similar to spell-check for clients' QuickBooks files, Client Data Review helps find and fix client data entry errors quickly and easily.
Popular Client Data Review features in 2009 included the ability to troubleshoot prior account balances, fix accounts receivable and payable and fix incorrectly paid payroll liabilities. The top capabilities added to Client Data Review in 2010 are inventory troubleshooting, batch write-off of invoices, batch reclassifying of transactions, and find and fix incorrectly recorded sales tax.
Special offers:
During the Client Data Review Challenge, Intuit is also offering the following special pricing on its professional accounting QuickBooks product and services:
  • For $299.95, accounting professionals can purchase a bundled package of QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2010, Intuit Statement Writer, three months of support, and one data conversion.
  • Intuit is also offering a $50 discount on its QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor membership.
For more information about or to enter the Client Data Review Challenge, go to


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