QuickBooks Tutorial 1-7: Print Chart of Accounts

Intro: A printed copy of the Chart of Accounts is handy to have around. You never know when you need to look up an account name. "Say, what account should I use for keeping track of my guard dog expenses?" "Just a second – I'll look at the Chart of Accounts. Here we go – how about 'Security Expense?'"

Step 1: Open the Chart of Accounts.
Open up the Lists menu and choose Chart of Accounts to open the Chart of Accounts window. This window lists all of your accounts, sorted by type, and shows you the current balance in each account.

Step 2: Print the Account List.
You can print this list, as is, by clicking the Account button in the Chart of Accounts window. Choose Print List to open the Print Lists Window.

Step 3: The List Reports Window
Before you can see the Print Lists window, you may see a message reminding you that you can view reports by opening the Reports menu and choosing a report. Reports chosen from the Reports menu provide more flexibility in terms of your being able to customize the contents of the reports. You can Click OK to close this reminder window and the Print Lists window will appear.

Step 4: Preview the Account List.
Take a quick look at your Chart of Accounts list by clicking the Preview button in the Print Lists window. Click Close to close the Preview, then click Print to dispatch this Chart of Accounts to your printer, pronto.

Step 5: Examine the Chart of Accounts Report
If you want a little more control over how the final product looks, open the Reports menu from the main QuickBooks screen and choose List. Click on Account Listing and your Chart of Accounts will be displayed on your screen in all its splendor.

Step 6: Remove a Column from the Report
If you decide you don't need all of these columns, remove a column by using your mouse to slide the little diamond at the right side of the name of the unwanted column to the diamond on the left side of the column name. When you release your mouse button, the column is gone!

Step 7: Examine Print Options
Print this list by clicking the Print button at the top of the Report screen. The Print Reports window will appear, giving you the option of printing Portrait (8 ½ by 11) or Landscape (11 by 8 ½), and enabling you to change fonts or margins before you print.

Step 8: Print Your Report
Click the Print button in the Print Reports window and your Chart of Accounts will be in your hands in no time.


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