Practice Management Tip: Use the 'F' Word for Meetings

How effective are meetings within your own office? If you're like most of today's dynamic firms, you are constantly interrupted by telephones, visitors and other nuisances that consistently get in the way.

But how do you make meetings energetic outside the four walls of the office?

It's time to use the 'F' word when it comes to company meetings or retreats ... that's 'F' for 'FUN,' of course! Meetings can be dull as dirt, unless you use your noggin' to come up with something creative, energizing and most of all, FUN!

Creativity can do wonders. For example, when Navisite holds their meetings, the chief technology officer dons a robe and slippers, gathers the staff around a fireplace and serves hot cocoa.

A bit outlandish perhaps, but you get the drift. Any tactic will work as long as you make employees feel as if they can openly contribute to the meeting--make them feel comfortable in any surrounding that makes sense.

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