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Pay For Performance Increases In The Year 2000

Employees looking to line their pockets with green better step up their performance in 2000.

According to Hewitt Associates Salary Increase Survey, salary increases will be moderate - ranging from 4.4 percent for executives to 3.9 for non-union hourly workers.

Conversely, the survey finds variable compensation plans will increase by 16 percent. Companies funneling money into pay for performance programs find their fixed costs don't expand with rising salaries; self-funding performance awards are paid as company goals are realized.

The lower moderate salary increases may not apply to high skill professionals that employers are finding hard to attract and retain. Who's at the top of this list? You guessed it - Information Technology professionals. Other "in-demand" high skill areas include engineering, finance, sales, and marketing.

Call Hewitt Associates at 847.295.5000 to order the full report for $125.

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