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New Opportunities Are Available For CMA Certification

The Institute of Management Accountants, the national organization devoted to promotion and education in the field of management accounting, has announced the launch of new preparation materials for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) examination.

The CMA Learning System, a review course for the CMA exam, will be available in the spring of 2004. The modern course materials will include on-line, interactive study similar to classroom-type learning, group study materials for corporate training programs, and live classroom continuing education materials that will be available at more than 300 colleges across the country.

The course material is being developed in conjunction with Holmes Corporation. Holmes Corporation has a reputation for providing high-quality training materials for a number of professional organizations, including the Association for Financial Professionals, the American Payroll Association, the Society for Human Resource Management, and many more.

With the new certification course material, the IMA expects to expand membership in the organization and participation in the certification program. IMA President and CEO David T. Schweitz expects the material to enable management accountants to achieve certification more quickly. "CMA Learning System will raise the bar by providing high-quality, further-reaching study materials," he said. "Another benefit of the course will be to shorten the certification cycle, through enhanced support during the study and exam cycles."

IMA is home to 67,000 members and has 265 national and international chapters.

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