A New Look For AccountingWEB

This week, AccountingWEB celebrates its third year anniversary providing service to the Accounting profession.

What started as a small group of 500 readers has mushroomed today to over 50,000 accounting and finance professionals who find value in the news, tools, information and resources that AccountingWEB provides. Worldwide, the AccountingWEB service, which is comprised of our group in the United States, AccountingWEB UK and AccountingWEB Netherlands, services over 175,000 finance and accounting professionals - a fact that we are all very proud of.

New Design

On this third anniversary, we are launching a new design to make the growing vault of resources and information easier to identify, locate and use. Our navigation has changed slightly, and we have added jump-off pages for each section of the site so you can see the depth of what's available in each area of News, Community, Resources, Zones, Members, and About Us. Have a look around the site and see for yourself what resources are now available.

New Premium Service

Also on this anniversary, we are introducing a new /3014">Premium Subscription which will give subscribers unrestricted access to the tips, ideas and feature articles that AccountingWEB provides, as well as special discount offers and product information not available to anyone else. We have priced the annual subscription at roughly 1/2 hour of chargeable time, believing strongly that that's a pretty easy target for everyone to hit in terms of value derived from the service compared to the cost. We encourage you to sign up for this new service and look forward to bringing you even more valuable information, tools and resources in our fourth year and beyond.

Have any comments or feedback on our new design? Tell us what you think.

Upcoming CPE Webinars

Jul 31
In this session Excel expert David Ringstrom helps beginners get up to speed in Microsoft Excel. However, even experienced Excel users will learn some new tricks, particularly when David discusses under-utilized aspects of Excel.
Aug 5
This webcast will focus on accounting and disclosure policies for various types of consolidations and business combinations.
Aug 20
In this session we'll review best practices for how to generate interest in your firm’s services.
Aug 21
Meet budgets and client expectations using project management skills geared toward the unique challenges faced by CPAs. Kristen Rampe will share how knowing the keys to structuring and executing a successful project can make the difference between success and repeated failures.