Unless you have a T-1 connection, chances are you sit in front of your computer waiting for images to download on site after site as you surf the Web. I’ve noticed that during heavy traffic times this “wait” can be agonizingly long. You can do what I do to make the most of this time – read business literature in the never ending “to read” file – or you can download a free software that will cut your web browse time.

NetSonic from Web 3000, Inc. uses IntelliCache technology to store your frequently accessed web pages in its special cache. This means that when you visit a web site, NetSonic will immediately load the page from its IntelliCache. If the page has changed since the last time you visited the site, NetSonic lets you know the page should be refreshed.

In addition to cutting browsing time, NetSonic can help you reduce online form filling-out time with a handy Web form utility. Just in time for the holiday Internet shopping season!

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