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KC Truby,"The Lonesome Cowboy", workshop presenter

Tuesday, December 12

Workshop Topic: How to add $8,000 a month to your practice in 90 days by providing Internet-based CFO & Outsourced Bookkeeping services

From deep in the heart of The American West and the great state of Wyoming comes KC Truby, "The Lonesome Cowboy." A cowboy because all sales people and business owners are cowboys of a sort. Riding their own trail, making their own rules and forging out on their own for fame and fortune. Lonesome because being a business owner or sales person is a lonesome business. No one to talk to, share ideas with or ask for help, that is until now.

Since 1969 as a teenager KC has been self-employed full time in his own business. Over the last 25 years he has owned seven businesses. Five have been successful and two were magnificently brilliant examples of what NOT to do.

One of his biggest accomplishments was the development of a monthly cassette training series written in helpful story format that teaches business owners and sales people how to solve their everyday marketing problems.

KC has written 10 books on the subject of small business sales and marketing. The books have been self published and sold by direct mail and seminar. Over 55,000 copies of his marketing instruction manuals have sold for prices between $89.00 and $985.00.

His experience includes mailing over 45 million sales letters, overseeing 250,000 outbound telephone sales calls and making over 4,000 sales presentations himself. Few business people will ever be able to claim that kind of activity level in a lifetime, let alone their first 25 years.

Since 1985 KC has presented over 2,000 training seminars and speaking engagements on sales and marketing. He was the leading distributor in the number of copies sold for TeleMagic contact management for a 5-year period.

Truby is also the founder and current CEO of Bridge21, a nationwide group of accountants building wealth for their clients through automation. Bridge21 currently supports 144 accounting firms nationwide, and that number is rapidly growing.

The knowledge that KC brings comes from these personal adventures; his failures as well as successes are added to the experiences of the thousands of business owners and sales people with whom he has worked. From the heart of someone who cares about Americas Business community comes the answers to building profits and having more fun.

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