Integra Information Debuts Online 3-Year Comparative Reports

Integra Information, Inc. of Flanders, NJ is setting a new standard in the analysis of private company performance with the debut of its new 3-Year Comparative ProfilerT report online. This integrated information and analysis tool offers unrivaled accuracy combined with time-saving convenience by delivering a point-by-point picture that illustrates how a company stacks up against its peers in more than 75 key financial and operating measures. In minutes you can determine the areas where the company you are valuing is performing better or worse than its peers.

Comparative Profiler offers a major advance in multi-year comparative performance analysis with explicit multi-year trending of business sectors over time. This multi-year trending is a unique feature of the underlying Integra InfoBaseT. Representing, more than 3.5 million companies in over 900 industries, it is the most comprehensive database available on private business.

Each 3-Year Comparative Report includes both dollar and percentage comparisons of key business performance numbers, such as revenue, cost of sales, gross margin, operating income and more. Reports also feature a three-year historical balance sheet and cash flow. Additionally, Comparative ProfilerT reports include more than 20 key financial and operating ratios with correlating graphical representations. A profile analysis is also included with a detailed industry description and the number of firms represented in the Integra InfoBaseT for the specified sales size and industry sector. The online version also allows professionals to skip the spreadsheet building process.

The information resource is continually updated from more than 30 separate proprietary and publicly available data sources. Because core information has been provided by private businesses as part of regulatory compliance, the information is considered by financial professionals to be more reliable than voluntarily provided information used by other business data sources.

Integra Information's 3-Year Comparative ProfilerT reports are available online at a cost of $299 per report. Visit Integra's web site at for more information and to look into "free stuff" the company offers, like its Industry Snapshot Report. You can select from more than 900 industries and download an industry report. This report ranks among the best free information deals on the web. It provides you with helpful industry information including growth rates, net profit and margins.

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