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'How Has AccountingWEB Helped You?' Contest Winners

We want to thank the dozens of people who submitted an entry into our recent "How Has AccountingWEB Helped You?" contest. We were looking for some good, innovative ways that people are using AccountingWEB tools and resources to be more successful, and boy did we hear from you! From firm administrators to partners in Big 5 firms, from students to professors, from entry level staff to seasoned professionals, we heard about all the ways that AccountingWEB is helping you become more successful. Thank you all for your feedback.

Congratulations to Adam Whitney of Whitney-Burrows Consulting, our Grand Prize winner of a $500 Sharper Image Gift Certificate, who writes:

"I have recently started management consulting to law firms and accounting firms, and my first stop is AccountingWEB to gather as much as I can on an industry. On a recent trip to Atlanta to pitch a CPA firm, I purchased an Accounting Industry profile on AccountingWEB and read your year in review story on what's happening around the profession. The partners were so impressed that I knew so much about the profession that they hired me on the spot for a $14,000 engagement. THANK YOU ACCOUNTINGWEB!"

Our $250 winner is Pamela Abrams of the Siskin Manufacturing, and our $100 winner is Joseph Saka of Berkowitz Dick Pollack & Brant . Congratulations to both of you as well.

We can't print all the entries we received, but here are just some of the interesting stories that people have shared with us on how AccountingWEB has helped them. We hope you enjoy:

"I am a corporate trainer, charged with the task of educating our accounting and administrative staff on ways to be more efficient. I have to admit that many of my ideas have come from AccountingWEB! Your Internet tips, Excel tips, writing tips, presentation tips and even your etiquette tips tend to find their way into my monthly curriculum. Keep them coming -- our company is more profitable and I am more successful as a result of it!"
Pamela Abrams, Siskin Manufacturing - 1st Prize Winner

"AccountingWEB's "Top Accounting News" brings forth a full range of information, vital to every practitioner. The news and articles that AccountingWEB provides is beneficial to employers as well as employees. As an employee, I value articles, such as "Attracting and Retaining Talent in Your Firm," that I can use to understand what my employer should be doing and what my employer is looking for. This is vital for someone who is trying to evaluate oneself as a professional while understanding the expectations that "the Firm" has of me. Thank you."
Joseph Saka, Berkowitz Dick Pollack & Brant - 2nd Prize Winner

"Tax season this year was hectic! While working with a Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program, international and U.S. students needed a profusion of assistance with only ONE week to send in their taxes. I was able to download the needed resources right from AccountingWEB! When inquiring about specific tax laws or needing specific forms, AccountingWEB was able to provide with all of that and MORE! Without AccountingWEB it would have been impossible!"
Adrienne Cooper, Andersen, LLP

"AccountingWEB has helped me tremendously! I found the website by accident through accountingstudent.com. I was taking an Intermediate Accounting I class, and I had to read 10 accounting related articles and write a review of each one. I was able to find all of my articles at AccountingWEB for Intermediate Accounting I & II and also Advanced Accounting. I referred several of my classmates to the site. I made an "A" on my article reviews, and the teacher announced to the class where they could find up-to-date articles and accounting related information. Thank you for being here."
Carrie Cummings, Brenau University

"The AccountingWEB e-mails have been my greatest resource on keeping me posted when I have limited time to browse through a website. These e-mails have been one of the most helpful tools provided. They keep me posted on all of the current topics. The primary reason that I have been following these topics was when I was searching for an employer. Keeping updated on current issues that some of the Big 5 firms have been doing helped to eliminate or add them to my list of "who I would want to work for." Also, if it was a company I would love to work for, I could log onto the story via e-mail and learn more about the company's issue. This gave me a head's up before I went into the interview."
Jennifer Haller, Baird, Kurtz & Dobson

"AccountingWEB is absolutely the best information channel on news and overall LIFE of the Accounting Industry in Northern America. In my work of running marketing & web site content advisory sites for Accounting Professionals, I find AccountingWEB very useful - it's a meeting place of the whole community and a very make-sense & organized one too. AccountingWEB has become THE information site of the industry - nothing else comes close. Well done!"
Harry Kafka, CPA Marketing Systems

"As an Accounting professor, the AccountingWEB has made my job much easier. It provides a comprehensive online resource for current events and practical topics related to accounting and business. I am especially fond of the weekly e-mail updates, which I require all of my accounting majors to subscribe to and to be prepared to discuss in class. I note that this tool can help them keep abreast of key accounting issues as they move into the "real world". The setup is great in that it provides capsules of information and links to complete stories. Please keep up the good work!!"
Dr. Suzanne Lowensohn, Barry University

"AccountingWEB helped me gain valuable market data, which I used to assist in job selection upon graduation from university. As a recent graduate of a highly recruited accounting program, it was difficult sifting through all of the firms, particularly the Big Five. AccountingWEB gave me important information like, PwC's independence issue, which is a large part of its current financial problems; the divorce of Andersen and Accenture, which now leaves Andersen without an international infrastructure; and much more. AccountingWEB further assisted by giving me excellent information for conversational topics during my interviews. I used AccountingWEB's information as a competitive weapon to differentiate myself from my fellow interviewees. All in all, AccountingWEB is a major reason why I ended up working for Ernst & Young, LLP and is still an excellent resource for the work I am currently performing."
Michael Manning, Ernst & Young

"As other firm administrators can attest, we all get lots to read in all forms. I think the Friday News Wrap-up is the best piece I get. I can expect it each and every Friday morning. What piece do I like the best? Being able to gain so much information in a short amount of time - it is all right there and easy to stay abreast of so many things!"
Karen Smith, Seim Johnson Sestaq & Quist

"While the articles are great, I have found that one of the best tools is the web seminars. This is the opportunity for professionals to not only hear from an expert but the seminars also provide a medium to participate, exchange ideas, and mine for gold. I have attended sever sessions, and each one has provided a nugget or two to make my job more fun."
Richard Stinson, Kiesling Associates

"Actually the thing I have used the most was the Excel tip on how to copy an entire sheet, including format, to another page. This is accomplished by clicking in the upper left corner of the current page and then again on the destination page. It is a simple trick, but has saved me a lot of time performing tedious tasks. Due to the pressure of getting a project done on time and under budget, any shortcuts allow me more time for value-added consulting."
Bob Thomas, Jones Wright Simkins & Assoc LLP

And finally, from a newcomer to AccountingWEB, we thought we'd publish a good-old-college-try and award an honorable mention:

"I am brand new to AccountingWEB and therefore have no way to qualify how the site has helped me, but if I win $500.00 bucks that should help me a great deal." Sorry David, you didn't make it...

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