Hackers Wage New Cyber Attack

A new type of computer attack was reported by a handful of U.S. companies in the last six weeks. Experts at the National Information Systems Security Conference say hackers have developed a fundamentally new style of breaking into computers.

This new hack attack called a “distributed coordinated attack” is very different from other types of cyber terrorism because hackers use many servers to target a single server. The malicious user has control of the other servers as he/she ties up the victim’s server with what looks like “legitimate connection attempts.”

This new cyber attack can defeat current defense technology. With currently available software, you could detect the attack, but you would have a hard time blocking it. IT professionals fighting cyber bandits have typically blocked the single network address that is attacking the server, but with this multiple server attack, it becomes much more difficult to overcome.

A few sites fell off the Net for weeks after recent attacks. As with any new cyber threat, security developers are not far behind. However, they warn that this method attacks the lowest common denominator. Prevention lies with protecting computers from manipulation by hackers. Make sure your security patches are up to date!

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