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Values Statements Seen as 'Window Dressing' According to a New Survey

Wf360, this week announced results of its "Global Corporate Values Barometer." The survey offers perceptions about the role of corporate values in the marketplace and addresses personal aspirations for achieving the "Good Life" and was conducted by NOP World, a top-ten market research and consulting firm.

Mixed Grades on Corporate Values

While fifty-six percent of respondents agree that the corporate values of their organization are part of the attraction to their job, the same number indicate that the "values statements of most companies are window dressing and do not drive the majority of the business decisions made within the organization."

Giving high marks to companies with respect to innovation, seventy-eight percent of respondents agree that "innovation is valued and rewarded at my workplace." However, fifty-two percent also indicate that innovation suffers as a result of job insecurity.

Recipe for the Good Life ...

The survey also asked participants to identify the elements, tangible and intangible, that are part of the "good life" based on their personal aspirations. The following were selected by a majority of respondents and are listed in rank order:

  • Good Health (94%)
  • Having Good Friends (93%)
  • A Job that Is Interesting (88%)
  • A Home You Own (85%)
  • Flexible Work Hours (81%)
  • Free Time (79%)
  • Children (71%)
  • A College Education for My Children (69%)
  • A College Education for Myself (65%)/A Car (65%)/ Travel Abroad (65%)
  • Job Security (64%)
  • Spiritual Enrichment (57%)
  • A Yard and Lawn (52%)
  • A Job that Pays Much More than Average (50%)

Reflecting some of the work related desires associated with the "good life," over half the respondents (53%) suggest that government should be doing more to support work/life balance at companies.

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