PCPS 2000 Member Survey - Top MAP Issues

Partnering for CPA Practice Success (PCPS) has just received the results from its 2000 Member Survey. The survey was distributed to the full PCPS membership — about 6,500 firms.

The goal of the survey was to gather information about management and practice issues facing firms in the profession. Below are some highlights of this PCPS Survey:

  1. Technology
  2. - The survey found that 96 percent of member firms have Internet access in their offices.

  3. Service offerings — Most firms are still offering traditional accounting services: tax planning and compliance, audit and review, financial services and assurance services.
  4. Retirement planning — About one-third of all PCPS member firms have succession plans in place.
  5. Most pressing issue — The survey found that staffing is the most pressing issue for responding accounting firms. They are addressing the staffing shortage in several ways. Firms hope to attract new staff by offering flexible schedules, changes in pay scale, bonus systems and new incentives.

The top five MAP issues are:

  1. Staffing
  2. Technology
  3. Fee and Pricing Structures
  4. Succession Planning
  5. Marketing and Growth

For more detailed information, view the entire survey!

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