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Onsite day care makes mandatory Saturday workdays a family affair

Accountants know that mandatory Saturdays during tax season will be, well, taxing. But when you add small children to the mix, mandatory Saturdays can become a daycare nightmare.

But not at Goldstein Schechter Koch. The Coral Gables, and Hollywood FL firm is offering working parents much needed relief and support in the form of complimentary daycare on Saturdays between January and April 15.

"Mandatory Saturdays are quite a challenge for families," said Goldstein Schechter Koch Director of Marketing Christine Suchyna. "But we started talking and came up with a simple solution."

At the beginning of the year, Suchyna circulated an e-mail message to gauge the interest in an innovative, new idea - onsite day care offered on mandatory Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

"The response was unbelievable," Suchyna said of a flood of reply e-mails she received from grateful parents who endorsed the idea enthusiastically.

The teenage children of Goldstein Schechter Koch employees take turns running the day care program. Saturdays may have anywhere from 10-16 children painting, playing games, and having a great time while their parents work a schedule that many seasoned tax pros know is necessary.

"This added benefit has provided me with ease of mind, knowing I can put in my hours while keeping an eye on my daughter," company employee Elsie Fernandez told the South Florida Business Journal.

Gilda Gutierrez, an assistant to partner Michael Goldstein, has enrolled two children in the day care program. Before, she used to have to beg family members to watch her kids on Saturdays. "They circulated an e-mail, asking if we were interested in child care, and I said, 'Whose feet do I have to kiss?'" remarked Gutierrez.

Due to the overwhelming success of the day-care program, the firm plans to offer it again next year.

"Absolutely, this child care program offers the GSK parents piece of mind to know their children are well taken care of and onsite while meeting the work demands during tax season," said Suchyna.

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