Newkirk Announces New Tax Law Explanation Booklet for Clients; Prospects

“Congress has passed a tax law – TIPRA – that affects the alternative minimum tax, as well as the tax treatment of capital gains and dividends,” Peter Newkirk, President of Newkirk, a nationally known provider of communications for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), said in a prepared statement.

“Moreover,” Newkirk continued, “Congress is not through legislating. There’s a so-called ‘trailer’ bill being considered, which contains extensions for many popular tax provisions. Plus, there’s a pension reform bill that contains provisions that will significantly impact our customers’ clients, as well. And there may be a wildcard or two, including possible tax increases, as Congress struggles to find ways to balance tax income and outgo.

“These are topics of considerable interest to clients of our customers,” Newkirk adds. “The professional firms we work with are able to satisfy their clients’ desire for more information by distributing our booklet, imprinted with their firms’ names.”

The new marketing booklet from Newkirk explains recent tax law changes made by the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2006 (TIPRA). The booklet will not be printed until the legislative process has been completed and will include explanations of the major provisions in all three bills. Newkirk publications are written by teams of CPAs, CFPs, bankers and attorneys and deliver clear, concise information that is easily understood by clients and prospects of professional services firms. Publications are available in printed and electronic formats.

“Originally, congress had hoped to complete the process by Memorial Day,” Newkirk observed, “but there’s a lot involved, and Congress missed that self-imposed deadline. By itself, TIPRA contains enough tax information for a booklet, but we’re still going to wait to go to press until it becomes clear where Congress is headed with these other bills.”

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