H&R Block Launches $1 Million Promotion

H&R Block, the world's leading tax preparation firm, this week unveiled the H&R Block Million Dollar Giveaway promotion. Anyone who before April 15, 2001, uses H&R Block's tax services - in office, software or online - or the company's mortgage and financial services will automatically be entered into a drawing to win $1 million.

"We've got a million reasons why doing business with Block is a smart choice this year," said Mark A. Ernst, H&R Block's president and chief executive officer. "Why not go to a company that not only provides the smart tax solutions to meet America's financial needs, but also offers a chance to win one million dollars?"

H&R Block is also sponsoring four episodes of ABC's highest rated television show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," during the TV sweeps week of Feb 18. As part of the sponsorship, H&R Block will pay the taxes on each contestants' winnings for the week. If a contestant does answer all 15 questions correctly, H&R Block will save that person nearly $400,000 in federal taxes.

"No lifeline was needed when we were deciding whether or not to move ahead with this sponsorship; the answer was a definite yes," said David Byers, H&R Block's chief marketing officer. "This is clearly one of America's most watched television shows and is certainly the right vehicle for us to spread the word about H&R Block's Million Dollar Giveaway."

In other news, H&R Block is offering a special two-week promotion on the sale of its popular tax preparation software program, TaxCut. Anyone who purchases the program from now until January 20, 2001, will receive a rebate coupon good for up to $9.99 against the purchase price of the software.

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