Honolulu firm rebrands to bring in new clients and recruit employees

In an effort to appeal to new, younger clients, and recruit future employees, one of Hawaii's leading CPA firms has changed its name and designed a new logo. Nishihama & Kishida CPAs is now N&K CPAs. The new logo – contemporary script against a background of shades of vivid blue – is intended to convey a "fresh new look," according to Managing Principal Alton Miyashiro, Pacific Business News reports.

"We recognize the need to cater to the younger people – that's where our future people will come from," Miyashiro says. "Our new name still bears the initials of our original name because we want people to remember our roots."

Honolulu advertising firm Core Group One designed the logo after asking some of the firm's clients how they viewed the company. Clients were asked what car best reflected the firm and they were told a Lexus or Toyota because they were classy and dependable, Pacific News reports. The animal that best conveyed the firm is a kangaroo, according to clients, because it is so protective.

With 22 CPAs, N&K CPAs ranks as the fifth largest CPA firm in Oahu. N&K personnel provide clients with a full range of services from the traditional audit, tax, and bookkeeping services to business and technology consulting. There is also an international department which services foreign clients, as noted on the company's Web site.

"We're trying to use this new branding to help us internally as well," Miyashiro said. "We're working to align our culture to our new name, which stems from reaching out to the younger generation."

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