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Former PwC Clients Will Debate, Share Stories at new Portal

Facilitating employee feedback, idea sharing and lots of personal services is very hot these days, as more and more employers look for ways to retain and attract good staff in a market teeming with low unemployment.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is spinning off its HR consulting practice to Unifi Network LLP, but the bigger news is that Unifi will create portals for current and prospective clients who want to help their employees air their grievances, share stories and provide a company culture.

The portal is expected to go live Sept. 1, just after the acquisition is made final. Portals most likely will be co-branded in appearance between Unifi and the client, but clients also may choose to have the Unifi name exclusively on their own portal.

Unifi is calling these 'Iwonder' portals, and also will include financial planning, computer-based training, concierge services and health benefits information.

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