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Financial Executives Research Foundation Issues Three New Reports

Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF), the research affiliate of Financial Executives International (FEI), has issued three new research reports as part of its mission to provide ongoing education to FEI's members. FEI is the leading professional association for CFOs and other senior financial executives.

The reports include:

  • Corporate Governance Survey -- FERF and The Board Institute (TBI) conducted a survey to help shed light on the quality and standards of corporate governance in the U.S. today at public and private companies. Reported results include the investment costs of compliance services, as well as the difference in governance standards between public and private companies. TBI is an online solutions provider that helps companies assess, benchmark and enhance corporate boards and their committees. The survey report was written by Mark R. Edwards, Ph.D., a professor at the Morrison School at Arizona State University East, in conjunction with Cheryl de Mesa Graziano of FERF.

  • Fourth Quarter Plan Sponsor Update -- The latest update report for plan sponsors highlights important regulatory news, including new changes to deferred compensation plans and proposed 403(b) regulations by the IRS. It also includes information on lifestyle funds and highlights results from various plan sponsor surveys. McHenry Consulting contributed to this report.
  • Section 404 (404) of 2002's Sarbanes-Oxley Act -- This report provides practical assistance regarding current 404 implementation efforts. Based on interviews with financial executives from 20 Fortune 500 companies, the report identifies common practices and provides insight as to how current procedures can be improved and sustained in the long run.

"The business world is changing at a faster pace today than probably at any time in the past, which makes it essential that financial professionals at companies of all sizes keep themselves informed of new ways of doing business," said Colleen Cunningham, President and CEO of FEI. "We're grateful that our partners continue to offer their support for our research as a valued service to our members."

Executive summaries for each report can be found online at

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