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Deloitte Consulting To be Rebranded as 'Braxton'

Deloitte Consulting has announced its new name will be Braxton, a real name taken from the firm's heritage. One of Deloitte's predecessor firms, Touche Ross, acquired the international consulting firm, Braxton Associates, in 1984.

The name seems to be a hit, despite the fact that the Register, a U.K. paper, says it sounds like a brand of mineral water. Altogether, Deloitte says there were 40 possible names on its short list. Braxton was the top performer in terms of linguistic acceptability and cultural associations, both of which are critically important for a firm operating in 33 countries.

Deloitte Consulting CEO Doug McCracken explained, "We are proud to adopt Braxton as our new name. It is a smart and practical solution, much like the advice we have been providing to our clients for over 57 years. It's real, it's easily memorable, and it has the stature expected of one of the world's largest consulting firms."

Deloitte Consulting Marketing Officer Brian Fugere added, "Let's face it – the world is tired of coined, invented and whimsical corporate names. . . Our people made that abundantly clear when we asked them."

The Financial Times reported that Braxton will be rolled out in September when Deloitte's consulting arm is taken private. Upon its separation from Deloitte, Braxton will be the world's largest privately-owned, full-service consulting firm.

Mr. McCracken summed up, "As the only major consulting firm that will be independent, privately-owned and wholly focused on business performance consulting, we have already differentiated ourselves. Our choice of Braxton further demonstrates our willingness to break the mold. While our competitors are distancing themselves from their consulting roots, we are reaffirming our commitment to the profession."

-Rosemary Schlank

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