CCH Disaster Recovery Program Helps Rebuild Resources

As businesses as professionals affected by Hurricane Katrina begin putting the pieces back together, many will find the references and resources they use in conducting business activities have been damaged, destroyed or are otherwise unavailable. CCH has implemented a disaster recovery plan for customers who use the company’s information and research products and ProSystem fx Office tax and accounting software portfolio.

“CCH and its employees extend their heartfelt sympathy to our friends, colleagues, customers, business partners and others who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina,” said Kevin Robert, president and CEO of CCH Tax and Accounting. “CCH is providing special assistance and support during this very difficult time.”

Information and Research Products Customers

The Customer Disaster Recovery Program includes:

  • Replacement of any products, free of charge, as available. Products that can’t be replaced because they are out of print or no longer available in the original format will be replaced with a like product. The replacement policy does not apply to casebooks, transfer binders, transfer casebooks or historical volumes of annual publications.

  • A temporary hold on mailings of all product updates, newsletters, invoices and billing statements to our customers located in the disaster area. Customer may contact the company when they are ready to resume mailings by calling 1-800-344-3734.

  • Automatic renewal of product subscriptions that end before customers are able to resume their business or practice, so service is uninterrupted and products stay current and complete.

  • Keeping all CCH Tax Research NetWork product IDs and passwords active so customers may continue to access and use web and online subscription products from remote locations.

  • Providing temporary access to products via the CCH Tax Research NetWork while print or CD products are being replaced.

CCH customer service representatives are ready to help those who need to replaces destroyed products, change their shipping addresses, retrieve IDs and passwords or who have any questions about their service or accounts. Customers can call toll-free, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT 1-800-344-3734 Monday through Friday or contact CCH via e-mail using the online form.

CCH ProSystem fx Software Customers

Special assistance for ProSystem fx customers includes:

  • ProSystem fx replacement software, at no charge.

  • Free access to Global fx, the online version of ProSystem fx software hosted on CCH servers, on an interim basis.

  • Optional service center printing of tax returns for the remainder of the year, at no charge.

  • Replacement and shipping of ProSystem fx supplies to a new office location, at no charge.

  • A temporary hold on mailing of all product updates, newsletters, invoices and billing statements to our customers located in the affected areas. Customers may contact CCH at 800-PHX-9998 (800-739-9998), option 4, to designate a new mailing, shipping or email address.

  • Automatic renewal of licensing agreements that end before customers are able to resume their business or practice, allowing service to remain uninterrupted and products to stay current and complete.

  • Waiver of late fees and any overdue notices.

For additional information or direct assistance replacing ProSystem fx software products, documentation and permission keys CCH customers should call the ProSystem fx Customer Service Department at 800-PHX-9998 (800-739-9998), option 4, between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. CT. ProSystem fx customers may also send their questions and comments to a special e-mail address:

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