Busy Season Stress Busters

Looking for ways to ease your firm through the next two weeks of busy season with minimal stress? AccountingWEB invited members to share their ideas in an online workshop on busy season stress busters, and got some pretty good ideas!

Read through the transcripts of the session for details, or scan through some of the best ideas below. Either way, be sure to tap into the brainpower of the AccountingWEB community and finish up tax season with a smile on your face!


  • Food, food, food. Seems most firms use food to de-stress themselves. Pizza, popcorn, themed days ("Pie Day"), fruit bars, hallway tailgate parties - lots and lots of food.


  • Followed by, The Diet Challenge where everyone tries to lose all the wieight they gained during tax season!


  • Keeping telecommuters involved. With the proliferation of telecommuting, it's extremely important to keep your "satellite" employees involved. If they can't participate in the festivities, send them flowers or cards or a barrel of popcorn to keep them tuned in too.


  • Golf tournaments. Some firms broke up into teams and had an in-office 18 hole golf tournament where everyone had to decorate their offices.


  • Travelling bouquet. One firm described a "travelling bouquet," where someone gets a bouquet of flowers on their desk for 30 minutes, then passes it on to the next person in the firm with a note of appreciation for something they have done.


  • Tax season buddies. Several firms described their tax season buddy program - similar to secret Santas at Christmas - where everyone has a secret buddy who leaves notes, candy, flowers, etc.


  • Tax season survival kits. Give out survival kits to your staff including coffee singles, no-doz pills, Rolaids, Excedrin, "Nerds" candies and other fun items.


  • Photo contests. "Guess the baby" or other fun pictures of the staff are also fun.


  • Silly themed days. It doesn't matter what it is - "Ugly Tie Day," "Weird Sock Day," "Crazy Hat Day" - make it silly and make it fun!

The key to all of this is finding someone in the firm with the enthusiasm and the leadership and the authority to make it all happen.

The AccountingWEB Staff wishes you much success during the up coming months!

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