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BDO Spins Off Consulting Division

BDO Seidman has announced that it will spin off its Business & Technology Solutions consulting practice into a separate company, named Wavebend Solutions, LLC.

The consulting practice was launched by BDO Seidman five years ago, and has exhibited strong and steady growth in the ensuing years.

Spokesmen for BDO indicate that the move will allow the consulting practice to continue its strong growth in today's environment, which has recently been hit with a wave of spin-offs of consulting businesses from traditional accounting firms. All of the Big 5 firms have announced a restructuring, and with BDO's announcement today, the trend has hit the national firms as well.

The new BDO entity, WaveBend, will continue to deliver e-business services to BDO Seidman clients and will continue to partner with BDO International consulting practices to deliver global solutions.

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