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CPA Argiz named president of Orange Bowl Committee

Antonio L. Argiz, CEO and managing partner at Miami-based CPA firm Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra LLP, recently fulfilled a longtime dream. Bill Grabarek reports.

The 48-year resident of Florida was named the 72nd president and chairman of the Orange Bowl Committee last month. He will preside over the FedEx Orange Bowl on Jan. 3, 2011, in Miami.
“It’s just a great high. It’s been a long road but the outcome is great,” Argiz told AccountingWEB. “I really want to do the right thing for the Orange Bowl and make sure our legacy continues beyond the century mark.”
Argiz is a 10-year veteran of the Orange Bowl Committee, and has served as an officer for the majority of those years. He said he has held the organization in high regard long before becoming a member.
“It is an organization that I looked at as a who’s who in Miami and southern Florida. [Members] were business and community leaders,” Argiz said. “It was that one organization that I always wanted to be a part of because of the history behind it and the members it has.”
Argiz expects his business background to help him as president of the Orange Bowl Committee. “The accounting and financial background is critical because it’s almost like running a company. You have to know numbers and you have to know business,” he said.
A fervent college football fan and former collegiate athlete, Argiz said his time on the committee has paid little, if any, dividends for his firm from a networking standpoint. But, that’s fine with him because his sense of community is what drives him.
“It allows me to help out in the community and it’s something I like to do. Before this, I chaired the board of United Way of Miami-Dade for two years. I’ve always been involved with charitable undertakings in the community,” Argiz said.
“The Orange Bowl Committee is a not-for-profit [organization] that does a lot for the community. A year ago we pledged $3.2 million to rebuild Palm Stadium where the original Orange Bowl game was held. The stadium is needed for high school football,” he said. “In addition, we probably give $750,000 to youth football. It’s a great way to help the community.”
Argiz lives in Miami. He is a graduate of Florida International University and the University of Virginia’s National AICPA Banking School.
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