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AICPA Launches Site for Auditors; Promotes Audit Quality

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) this week unveiled an enhanced Web site for its members who audit or are interested in auditing public companies.

The Center is a firm-based, voluntary membership center designed to promote the high quality of public company audits and to educate and inform member firms and external audiences on issues that impact their public company audit practice.

“Our goal is to provide an online resource for CPA firms in the business of auditing public companies – an area where they can find resources, tools and professional guidance on how to audit a public company all in one place,” said Robert J. Kueppers, Chair of the Center for Public Company Audit Firms Executive Committee.

“The Center is intended to make a direct statement to members of our profession about the importance of their audit performance,” said Susan Coffey, AICPA Vice President - Audit Quality and Professional Ethics.

“CPA Firms demonstrate their commitment to audit quality by agreeing to and meeting specific Center membership requirements. They also show their dedication to sharing best practices, learning about emerging issues, and taking steps to enhance quality in their practices.”

The information on the Center for Public Company Audit Firms’ Web site is conveniently organized around a home page and five core areas – Resources, Community, Events, Membership and Products. The site is designed for any CPA firm who provides services in public company audits. As an added benefit, members of the AICPA Center for Public Company Audit Firms can access premier technical content, publications and practice aids.

The mission of the Center is to:

  • Enhance the quality of member firms’ audit practices through timely communication of regulatory developments, best practice guidance and technical updates
  • Provide a forum for member firms to discuss and express their views on matters that impact public company audits
  • Maintain working relationships with the SEC and PCAOB in the furtherance of public company audit quality
  • Serve as a resource in identifying solutions to auditing, inspection and other issues identified by regulators by gathering views of members; prepare and issue comment letters to regulators
  • Provide leadership through sponsoring of public forums and periodic meetings with key stakeholder groups
  • Administer a peer review program for non-public practices of PCAOB registered firms.

New tools and resources will be added regularly in order to keep the content fresh and relevant for members of the Center for Public Company Audit Firms. For information about the AICPA’s Center for Public Company Audit Firms, please visit and select the "Membership" tab.

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