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Accounting Firm Helps Government Contractors Perfect Their Business

Aronson & Company (A&C), a nationally ranked top 50 accounting and consulting firm, on Tuesday announced a new initiative designed to provide government contractors with comprehensive and cohesive business services to encompass all of their needs and help them perfect the nature of their business.


“Rather than just focusing on the audit side of their business or helping our clients secure more government sales, we have created an ecosystem, so to speak, which brings critical services and strategies to work closely together, creating an environment that helps our clients thrive,” remarks Lisa J. Cines, CPA, Managing Officer with A&C, in a statement announcing the new initiative.

Government contractors have unique business needs which are familiar to A&C after working with government and technology companies for more than 25 years. Combining a diverse group of service offerings, a large staff of accounting and consulting experts and extensive experience allows A&C to function as key business advisor to their clients, creating a total package for business success. Instead of just focusing independently on different aspects of the business, A&C’s philosophy is based upon making all the aspects of their clients’ business work together in harmony.

Government contractors in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia earned more than $69 billion in federal dollars during 2005. Overall, contractors in the metropolitan Washington D.C., area accounted for more than 19 percent of the total federal procurement monies spent over the last year alone. In order to meet the growing need for more complex services among government contractors, A&C has developed a program combining financial and tax management services with profit-building operations advisory services.

“Terrorist attacks, natural disasters and a variety of domestic and international events have been the catalyst for record levels of government spending. While there is no end in sight, we are also noticing a marked increase in the attention that the government is lavishing on oversight and compliance issues,” noted Lexy B. Kessler, CPA Officer in A&C’s Government and Technology Services Group. “Now, more than ever, Aronson & Company is focused on helping our contracting clients meet the increasingly stringent requirement that they face. Our more holistic approach allows us to help clients achieve their goal while ensuring that they remain competitive and compliant.”

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