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Ten Steps To High Productivity and Maintaining A Great Life!

By, Keith Rosen, Profit Builders

Busy with tasks that consume you and your energy? Feel that you're fighting the clock and just can't seem to get it all done? Is your typical day fulfilling and enjoyable or putting you on the road towards burn out?

If it's ever been a struggle to reach bigger goals or keep to your schedule, here's your opportunity to map out a weekly path that will serve you best and enable you to accelerate your productivity.

In this program, you'll discover how to design a highly effective weekly routine that complements your goals and priorities. This way, you can focus on and complete the activities that support your objectives and goals while enhancing your lifestyle and well being.

If you’re like many of us who are always looking for “more time” or spend the time trying to figure out the secret to effective time management and how to best invest your time, let me share it with you. The secret isn't simply to manage your time better but to manage your-SELF better.

The intention of this program is to create a weekly routine, with focused, defined actions and tasks that serve you best and will enable you to reach your goals, week in and week out. This program will also enable you to:


  • Get complete with tasks left undone.
  • Eliminate the long list of "To-do's"
  • Take better care of yourself.
  • Recognize and remind you of what you've accomplished/completed.
  • Uncover your priorities and engage in the activities you want to be doing.
  • Identify and eliminate what you'd rather not do anymore.
  • Eliminate the adrenalized lifestyle!
  • Develop a healthier relationship with time.
  • Stay focused on your objectives in order to achieve the results you want - with LESS effort.
  • Maintain a healthy, enjoyable balance between your life and your career.

And if you feel that by having a schedule, it may restrict you or prevent flexibility and choice throughout your week, consider this; there’s actually greater pleasure in simplifying one's life, as opposed to rushing around filling the days with chores and to-do lists or trying to keep up with overloaded schedules that result in being buried in trivial tasks.

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