New Jersey CPA Candidates Remain in Limbo

By Ken Berry
According to reports from the New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJSCPA), some candidates for the CPA Examination in New Jersey recently had their applications rejected due to confusion over certain education requirements. But class hasn't been dismissed quite yet.
When the NJSCPA investigated the matter, it discovered differences in the interpretation of the state regulations governing the educational requirements for CPAs. The NJSCPA is working hand in hand with the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy to resolve the matter. An announcement about the status of the rejected applications is expected shortly.
"As soon as we learned about the confusion concerning CPA Exam education requirements in New Jersey, we reached out to the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy to bring about a resolution to this situation that is in the best interests of CPA candidates and the public," said NJSCPA Executive Director, Ralph Albert Thomas. "We expect to know much more about that resolution following the state board's meeting on October 20."
Don Meyer, NJSCPA Director of Communications and Marketing, explains that the confusion stems from differing interpretations of the existing regulations by CPA Examination Services (CPAES) and the state board. The regulations require certain classes to be completed in addition to attaining a bachelor's degree. However, these regulations were construed by CPAES to have been tightened to include the extra requirement, resulting in the rejection of an unknown number of applications.
Until the matter is resolved, the NJSCPA says that CPA candidates whose applications were rejected by CPAES should request a waiver. CPAES will keep these waiver requests "on hold" until the state board makes its announcement in late October. Any applications received in October prior to the announcement will be held until further action is taken by the state board.
The NJSCPA also said it will provide more specific information about the educational requirements after the announcement is made by the state board on October 20.

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