Emerging Job Titles for the Accounting Profession

What's in a name?

As new specialties and roles emerge, the accounting profession is likely to find new names for changing functions. Here are some titles already growing in popularity:

Financial Manager (also Financial Analyst, Financial Specialist)

Combines financial knowledge with management, marketing, and operational skills in order to recognize the impact of financial data on the business as a whole and on individual departments. Translates financial data into nonfinancial terms and communicates it to all levels within the organization.

Strategic Resource Manager

Responsible for capturing data on all of the company's resources (both tangible and intangible, human and technological) and strategically managing the deployment of those resources. Serves a consultative role to help the firm determine how to most cost-effectively invest in or allocate resources.

Internal Consultant

Financial professional who will define what a company needs to do in order to grow its business. Provides profitability and loss projections of growth opportunities. Also serves as a liaison with external consultants.

Environmental Accountant

Addresses the issue of how companies can be both environmentally responsible and profitable. Is a key player on projects ranging from environmental compliance audits to managing and preventing claims and disputes. Contributes to the creation of corporate reports to stockholders that describe a firm's efforts to be a "green" corporate citizen.

Forensic Accountant

Specializes in identifying and tracking fraud, particularly in the realm of e-commerce. Also works with other financial and IT professionals to solve problems related to systems integrity and security. Investigates mismanagement of funds, embezzlement and other financial malfeasance.

E-commerce Strategist/Consultant

Possesses knowledge of Internet regulations and is experienced in managing and marketing e-commerce initiatives. Can assess the financial impact and project potential returns on e-commerce ventures. Understands entity measurement and quality assessment.

Operations Accountant

Possesses expertise in both finance and information technology. Works closely with the CIO and the IT department to measure the value of software and web-deployed applications. Helps businesses make decisions that are both financially and technologically sound. Also responsible for working with vendors of financial software and applications.

Asset Manager

Specializes in investment and retirement planning for all individuals with a focus on seniors who seek to live well in retirement while providing for their heirs. Helps clients identify and capitalize on sound investment opportunities.

Personal Financial Planner (also Financial Consultant/Advisor)

Similar to an asset manager, but with primary emphasis on helping clients reduce debt, control expenses and minimize their tax burdens. Also handles investment and asset allocation planning.

Elder-Care Financial Advisor

Helps clients develop a sustainable financial plan for themselves or aging relatives in the event of disability or long-term illness.

Assurance Services Provider

Part investigative reporter and part market research analyst. Puts business intelligence into a financial context and turns data into knowledge. Works in areas such as e-commerce, risk assessment, performance measurement and information technology.

International Accounting Specialist

Handles cross-border transactions, overseas trade agreements and other activities related to international business. Possesses comprehensive knowledge of foreign laws, tax structures and business practices. Fluent in two or more languages.

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