Become an Explorer - The Power of Questions

By, Keith Rosen

The most brilliant thinkers, innovators and explorers of our time emphasized questions more than answers, a characteristic of all highly evolved individuals. Note the root of the word question, Quest; the act of seeking or pursuing something. This desire to search and journey beyond what is already known and seek that which would enhance the quality of our lives or broaden our wisdom is what has enabled humanity to continually evolve over time.

Curiosity stimulates questions, and questions then evoke change and new discoveries, arousing our desire to create and find more.

All the answers we ever get are responses to questions. However, since our society has become answer oriented, we often wind up with ineffective solutions because we fail to construct the right questions that generate greater results or possibilities, focusing more on the solution, than on the question. Questions precede change. They are the foundation of creating that which we want or that which we want to avoid. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the words we use in the questions we ask. This holds true for both the external as well as internal questions we ask ourselves.

For example, "Why do bad things keep happening?" or "Why can't I/you do this?" are problem focused questions supporting why we can't succeed or confirm negative beliefs about others, or ourselves. It is both the internal, as well as external questions, which shape our reality.

To create more effective outcomes, transform your questions to become solution oriented and forward moving as opposed to ones that keep you stuck in the past.

Below is a list of powerful forward moving questions you can utilize to generate greater solutions for yourself that will keep you growing forward so you can achieve more and enjoy your life today.

  1. How can I learn/grow from this (situation/person)? (What is the lesson here?)

  2. How can I respond to this in a better/healthier way?

  3. What's needed to succeed here? (Actions, strategy, tools, resources, etc.)

  4. What new possibility can be created here? (From an outcome/situation that may not have been anticipated/desired?)

  5. Am I focusing on the actions/goals that are consuming my life or enhancing my life? (Are they costing me energy/quality of life or are they aligned with my integrity, values, passions, etc.?)

  6. How can I change the way I see/feel about things in a way that better serves me to eliminate feeling stuck, stressed or upset? (What beliefs or assumptions do I need to let go of and replace with more empowering beliefs? Are they my beliefs or someone else’s that I learned along the way? Are my feelings based upon the facts or the assumptions/interpretations that I am creating?)

  7. Am I resisting the lessons or receiving the lessons that are in front of me? (If I keep drawing into my life similar problems/situations what do I need to overcome/let go of in order to embrace the lesson and move forward?)

  8. Am I living in the present? (Am I focused more on anticipated future achievements or stuck in the past with regrets/beliefs/events that are preventing me from creating a great present?)

  9. What strategy can I put in place to consistently generate the desired results I am seeking?

  10. How can I best structure my life so that I am doing that which is most fulfilling, enjoyable and satisfying?

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