AccountingWEB student scholarship winning essay: Secret agent accountant

By Howard G. Telson, AccountingWEB student scholarship winner from The College of New Jersey
James Bond, a CPA at Deloitte, drives to his office on a brisk spring day, expecting just another day at work. However, once he gets there he realizes just how mistaken he was. Taken aback by all the commotion when he walks into his normally subdued office, he goes to his secretary and asks her what all of the ruckus is about. Miss Moneypenny chuckles, "Why don't you take a look at your calendar Mr. Bond?" Before James even had to look, he knew – it was April 15th.
Bond, alarmed, considers faking an illness to avoid this dreadful day, but then realizes something – he just got an iPhone yesterday. He was a technological holdout like so many of the other accountants at his firm, but he decided to cave in once he heard about all the financial applications the smartphone has.  With the iPhone, Bond felt he could do anything, including audit all of Disney World or do the taxes for all of France. He was unstoppable with the device, and he wanted to prove that today. He walked over to his desk and took out his calculator, but then said, "No! I don't need it" once he remembered the calculator on his phone. Then he looked at his calendar to see his schedule, but said, "Silly me! I've got one here" once he looked at the calendar on his phone. Ready for the day now with his iPhone, Bond's first client came in.
"Hello sir, may I ask your name?" the client inquired.
"The name is Bond, James Bond," said James looking at the movie reference application on his iPhone. Bond took out the client's file and got to work. Then all of a sudden, trouble came – he needed to figure out target growth and spending for his client as well as his client's business expenses. Bond panicked, but then realized that his iPhone could be of assistance. He took the device out and utilized the iTarget and iSpend applications to figure out the numbers for his client. Bond, relieved, finished up with the client. Yet, he still did not seem too happy. April 15th always seemed to affect him the most and his associates knew this, so one of them came over to him to try to cheer him up.
"James, why the long face?" said his colleague, Sean Connery.
"Well Sean, it's just that I got my first client done with and I am happy about that, but I have so many more and I just don't know if it's worth it."
"I have just the thing to cheer you up," said Connery as he pulled out his own iPhone and showed James the iTimeSheet application, which shows all his billable hours, and the Payometer application, which portrays how much money he makes by the millisecond.
Now, Bond had a huge grin on his face. "Shocking, positively shocking" he says and flies through the rest of this clients as happy as he has ever been.
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