Creating Effective Resumes

Robbie Kaplan
Robbie Kaplan, author of "Sure-Hire Resumes" and "Resume Shortcuts: How to Quickly Communicate Your Qualifications with Powerful Words and Phrases" presented an online workshop that provided participants with key information on how to craft resumes.

Ms. Kaplan pointed out the fact that resumes can do much more than just help you secure a new job. Resumes can help position you for promotions, justify salary increases, persuade managers to upgrade your position, market you for speaking engagements, demonstrate your expertise for media exposure, and serve as background for biographies.

Workshop participants learned the importance of:

  • Identifying targeted positions and job requirements.

  • Documenting their experience, education, achievements, training, skills, and credentials to demonstrate how they meet the requirements of a new or existing job.

  • Utilizing a variety of techniques to break "resume writing paralysis," eliminate redundancies, choose achievement-oriented words, and craft powerful statements.

  • Quickly capturing an employer's interest by organizing their history so their resume clearly illustrates how they meet job requirements.

The workshop included tips on how to present a polished and professional-looking resume.

Read the full transcript of the workshop.

Robbie Miller Kaplan is a nationally recognized resume expert and a career consultant with the Vienna, Virginia-based Kaplan & Associates.

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