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CPA Firm Marketing Done Through E-mail Newsletters

Sometimes, the most inexpensive marketing techniques make the most impact, like the e-mail newsletter. Sure, all of us get some form of news bulletins via e-mail, so how do you make your newsletter different … and really stand out from the crowd?

The trick is customizing your content and truly making the newsletter seem personal rather than spam mail. Companies are discovering that prospective, value-added client relationships can come from a well-written, concise, motivating newsletter that is part of an overall marketing program.

To produce an e-mail newsletter, there is some start-up involved, such as determining the kind of technology you need to format and send the document. Once this is done, you need to invest in solid writing, creativity to produce timely content, the administrative end to handle subscriber matters, as well as the time it takes to read and respond to any mail.

Yes, there is some costs, but in an age when advertising rates and marketing programs are getting more and more costly, the e-mail newsletter makes a lot of sense.

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