Chasing Clarity, Focus and Strategy

Reading has always been a passion of mine. I'll pretty much read anything except warranty manuals and assembly instructions. I figure with those I'll "wing it." Just ask my wife! Books come and go, but occasionally there's a book that really makes an impact. Chasing Daylight was the most recent work to reel me in and cause me to think, ponder and evaluate.

Written by the ex-CEO of KPMG, Eugene O'Kelly, the book
successfully engages the reader to consider and examine the
balancing act of life. While he was CEO, Mr. O'Kelly was diagnosed with brain cancer--and was given three to six months to live. He resigned six days later and mapped out a plan to make the most of his remaining time. Just like a forward-thinking accounting professional, he wanted to maximize opportunities.

Even though he was at the top of the profession, Gene O'Kelly still seemed to be the typical accountant--talented, skilled and hard-wired to think strategically and with clarity and focus. What made this book so engaging was the fact that he took these traits and skills and applied them to his final days on Earth. The quintessential manager, Gene O'Kelly effectively communicated the plan to his team (family, friends, business associates) and charged ahead with a mission in mind. Quite remarkable, really.

While I wish I could have met Gene O'Kelly, I suspect he's like many of you--good, honest, dedicated accounting professionals who care about life and the people around you. Especially during extra-busy times such as these, most accounting professionals are putting effort, energy and faith into the seed, not in the harvest. After you get past your various deadlines, give Chasing Daylight some time. Perhaps even take it along as you enjoy the harvest of a post-Busy Season vacation. Enjoy the journey.

For your convenience, this book is available here:

Written by Rob Nance, Publisher, AccountingWEB,

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