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Worth Magazine Profiles Wizards of Wall Street

Over the past few years, many of us throughout the accounting profession have begun delivering services very similar to those who work in the financial planning arena on a full-time basis. Learning from the experts helps the CPA and accounting professional develop best practices to demonstrate value and competency to this growing client base.

Worth magazine has taken the cream of the crop and profiled them in a new article featuring the 25 most knowledgeable people on Wall Street. The experts identified in the list are described as "brilliant problem solvers, keen observers and flexible thinkers." In addition, very much like the world of accounting, the list includes professionals who must adapt their core thinking to the ever-changing world and economy.

Worth magazine is gaining popularity as a key source of "lists" of credible professionals, such as its annual list in September of the 250 most influential financial planners. Many CPAs across the United States annually make that list. Client portfolios range from $500,000 for CPAs with small firms to more than $25 million for those with Big 5 firms.

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