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Touched by an Angel or Stung by the Devil?

This week's PC Expo brought out the best the computer world has to offer for the future of small business, including a strategic effort for start-up entrepreneurs to seek venture capital funding.

A two-day seminar called 'Touched by an Angel' put start-ups at the mercy of 'angels' or so-called investors. Entrepreneurs were given four minutes to plead their case, but most of the time, every one was shot down. Why?

Experts attending the seminar picked on this point and that point. For example, they stressed the need for presenters to rid themselves of clichés that only serve to bog down their presentations.

Entepreneurs need to adjust their expectations to take into consideration a market in which technology or start-ups are proving riskier and riskier. Experts say that entrepreneurs should seek funding sources and amounts only for businesses that are truly different or unique.

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