Intuit Launches Payroll Referral Reward Program

Intuit, a leading business and financial software maker, has launched its new Accountant Payroll Referral Reward Program, offering rewards and incentives to accountants who refer clients to Intuit Payroll Services full-service payroll solutions.

Those wishing to participate in the program will need to register with Intuit to be eligible. Clients who are referred by their accountants will have their set-up fees waived.

Rewards for accountants can come in three different forms, including:

  • Pass the savings to their client - Intuit Payroll Services will provide the referred client with a 10 percent discount off their monthly base payroll processing fees for one full year.

  • Payroll processing credit - accountants can earn credits toward their own base payroll processing charges based upon 10% of each referral's annualized base payroll processing fees for the first year of service. In addition, accountants who choose Intuit Payroll Services as a payroll provider will have their one-time base payroll set-up fee waived.

  • Cash - Intuit Payroll Services will send the accountant a monthly check for all of the referral rewards earned in the previous month based upon 10% of each referral's annualized base payroll processing fees for the first year of service.

"Through this referral program, accountants not only can receive some substantial rewards for themselves or their clients, but they also have the confidence of knowing they've referred their loyal customers to a leading provider of financial and tax software who also has over 20 years of outsourced payroll expertise," said Lorrie Norrington, acting vice president and general manager, Outsourced Payroll Group.

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