Financial Planner Tops List of Best Occupations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, among the estimated 260,000 financial planners in the United States, the average starting salary is $28,000. The median income for experienced planners is $107,000, and some earn as much as $200,000 a year. Planners agree that the CFP's requirements for a broad knowledge of taxes, retirement, estate planning and the stock market are very helpful. Some planners strongly recommend studying psychology as well, because planning is as much about the human side as it is the dollar side.

THE BEST AND WORST JOBS: Here's a look at how Jobs Rated Almanac ranked occupations based on such factors as income, employment outlook, work environment, stress, physical demands and job security.


  • Financial planner
  • Web site manager
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Actuary
  • Computer programmer

  • Fisherman
  • Circus Worker (no doubt)
  • Logger
  • Cowboy
  • Ironworker


  • Medical records technician
  • Janitor
  • Forklift operator
  • Musical instrument repairer
  • Florist

  • President of the United States
  • Firefighter
  • Corporate executive
  • Race car driver
  • Taxi driver
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