Employee Background Checks on the Increase

A new online employment screening company is offering a quick way for employers to check the educational and work histories of potential employees.

Employers can turn to www.Employact.com to conduct background checks, education verification and pre-employment screening to weed out applicants who list on their resumes fake diplomas or degrees from online diploma mills.

“Our employment screening process will put the diploma mills out of business,” said CEO Samuel Anderson in a press release. The company certifies only accredited or licensed institutions, and offers background checks for a one-time fee.

A recent survey shows that employers are conducting background checks more frequently. According to ADP Employer Services, use of pre-employment screening services has increased for the last seven years, with the number of background checks rising by 16 percent from 2003 to 2004. The number was 3.8 million in 2003, with 4.4 million checks performed last year. Of that number, 9 percent revealed inaccurate information.

The study showed that half of the employment, education and/or reference checks revealed a difference between what the applicant provided and the source reported. The study also showed inconsistencies in driving record information, credit records, criminal histories or workers' compensation claims.

Companies that specialize in background screens warn employers that they need to be sure who they are really hiring, considering the prevalence of identity theft, online diploma mills and other risks.

Employact.com also offers resume posting for job seekers and job posting for employers. Employees and employers are in control of how their information is disseminated, the company said. Employers can request that job applicants use the EmployACT system for pre-screening. Also, a job hunter can send a resume into the EmployACT system but hide it from the current employer, for example.

“It's a one system, one place, one time service that you use and you have full control, full privacy,” Anderson said in a statement. “You disclose what you want to disclose.”

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