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CCH Inc. Receives Customer Service Award

Customer Relationship Management magazine has named CCH Inc. one of 2005’s CRM Service Elite. The company was recognized for excellence in quality monitoring, in the April issue of the magazine.

The key results that put CCH ahead of all other competitors when it comes to quality monitoring are:

  • Improving customer satisfaction to 93 percent from a low of 45 percent
  • Reduced average call time from 9:34 minutes to 4:42 minutes
  • Reduced customer wait times to 19 seconds from 2.5 minutes.

“Receiving this award is very exciting,” John Falk, CCH Product Support Manager told AccountingWEB. “We believe that if we deliver good quality, if we deliver good service, that drives customer loyalty and retention.”

CCH is one of the country’s leading providers of information services, software, and work flow tools for tax, accounting, legal, and business professionals, according to Margaret Flink, CCH director of call center operations.

Software has played a vital role in CCH efforts, not just to improve customer service, but also as they transition from providing primarily paper-based information to providing information through a myriad of electronic channels. CCH developed many of the applications in-house, but John Falk is quick to point out that you don’t need custom software to succeed.

“Use the tools you can afford. We developed our own tools but that could probably be outsourced easily. The important thing is to give the customer the options that best meet their needs,” said Falk. “Try to be creative with options, and monitor all types of customer service on a regular basis”

CCH offers clients multiple support options including email, a self-serve support website and multiple 800-numbers for phone support. By having several 800-numbers each going to a different group, such as ordering, account inquiries and research, customers don’t have to navigate complex, but generally unpopular, phone systems. Customers with simple questions often find the answers they need on the CCH Support web site.

Next year CCH plans to revisit their internal quality standards to make sure they still meet customer and business needs. They have also added a resource dedicated to developing and enhancing web applications, new tools and the CCH web presence.

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